About Rouler & Bouler

Rouler & Bouler is all about an adventure of a mom after birth of her baby in 2019. #Mompreneur

We thought it would be nice to have a baby play mat satisfying both the kids And the parents. Because as a parent, we've noticed that we spend so much time on the floor to enjoy every moment with baby : tummy time, massage, rolling over, crawling, first steps, etc…

We wanted to make an evolving play mat serves from the new borns to the kids. The play mat becomes the chilling place for the whole family. The play mat that we won't use after 1 year.. especially without the troubles we've been seen.

So, these are some of our play mat experiences.

Until the baby's 3rd month, we have opted for a classic fabric play mat like most parents. But we had a baby who drooled a lot. Between drool and milk, we spent so much time for washing it.


When baby was 6 months old, we've purchases a thinner play mat, so easier to wash but it absorbed no shock. Because of its multicolore design it was not matching the decor of our living room. Especially, its size (less than 1 square meter) seemed too small for baby to fully develop motor skills. No need to talk about the baby gym that we could not move.

La dernière option sur le marché de tapis enfant était les dalles / puzzles en mousse mais nous n’étions pas trop sûrs de la qualité. Et puis le problème sur la déco revient toujours.

C’est ainsi que Rouler & Bouler est né, LE tapis de jeu idéal qui sera imperméable, déco-friendly, grand et confortable. 

The last option we could choose was jigsaw puzzle play mats, but we were not sure about the quality and there was still the decor question.


This is how Rouler & Bouler was born, THE play mat that is water resistant, decor-friendly, extra-large et comfortable.