About our play mats

If you are parent, decor addict, tired of house chore…
You will love our play mats ! 


Play mat is an object that babies would use everyday, so we focus on cleaning and hygiene. Since the surfaces are water resistant, they are easy to clean. You will only need to wipe with a soft cloth. They are also anti slip thanks to their embossed surfaces.

Extra large

Dimensions of our play mats are 140*210 cm, so babies have enough room to develop motor skills. To further motivate babies, you could put some early learning toys adapted to their age or baby gym on the play mat. Our play mats could be used for family yoga or baby massage. 


Unlike classic play mats that we have to get rid of as soon as the baby starts to walk, our mats can be used for many years or even a lifetime! They are at the same time a play mat, a yoga mat, or simply a floor mat that will bring the whole family together.

Tapis de jeu réversible Squareness
Tapis de jeu réversible Poppy Rouler & Bouler


Soft colour and neutral patterns of our play mats blend easily with your home decor, whether in the living room or in the child’s bedroom. If you want a change of mood, just flip the play mat over since all of our play mats are reversible.



Safety is very important to us. Our play mats are made of PVC memory foam with a thickness of 14mm, ideal for cushioning shocks when babies are in “adventure” mode. Our play mats are thick but not too thick, because we must not hinder the movements of babies either when they try to crawl, do turns, rolls, first steps, etc.

For use from birth, our play mats have been tested in a certified laboratory and comply with European standard EN71-1 /2/3 for children of 0-3 years. Our play mats have been made without toxic materials such as BPA, phthalates, lead, formamide, formaldehyde, EVA in South Korea where even stricter safety standards are imposed.